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  • What if there’s a power cut? Will my system still work?
    Any system we install that connects to the mains power will also have a back-up battery to ensure that you remain protected if there’s a power outage in your area.
  • Do you only cover the Leeds area?
    We tend to stay local so we can provide the best possible service, but we regularly work in Harrogate, Bradford, Keighley and other areas close to Leeds. Additionally, if you’re a business with multiple sites over a variety of locations, we’ll be happy to talk to you and see if we can help.
  • How long will installation take?
    Whether it’s CCTV, a fire or intruder alarm system, installation time will depend on the scize and scope of the project. For an integrated security system, or a more complex single solution, we may need to be onsite for a full day. Smaller installations can be done as quickly as a couple of hours!
  • Do you offer fire alarm maintenance packages?
    Yes! We can offer fire alarm maintenance and servicing to all customers in the Leeds and surrounding area, and we’re even happy to maintain and service existing systems, even if we didn’t design and install them.
  • Do you offer intruder alarm maintenance packages?
    Yes, we do! We can offer Intruder alarm maintenance and servicing to all clients in the Leeds and surrounding area, and we’re even happy to maintain and service existing systems, even if we didn’t design and install them!
  • When will I know my system is due a service or maintenance?
    We will contact you via post and/or email the month your system is due the service.
  • Do you provide remote monitoring for CCTV systems?
    Yes, if you want someone to keep an eye on your CCTV images, we have a trusted monitoring service to give you that added level of security if you wish.
  • Will my system be guaranteed?
    Yes, we offer a 12 month parts and labour guarantee for your peace of mind.
  • What about wiring – won’t it look a mess?
    When we first look at your system’s design, we’ll take wiring and aesthetics into consideration, and double check with you if we detect an area where we won’t be easily able to hide the cables and wires. We have a variety of wireless solutions that could be very useful for this type of situation
  • What is the SSAIB?
    The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) is the leading certification body for organisations providing security systems and services, fire detection and alarm systems, telecare systems and services, manned security services and monitoring services. SSAIB is a Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved certification body - in respect of the SIA Approved Contractors Scheme - that operates within the UK. We also offer certification for firms based in the Republic of Ireland as well. Founded in 1994, the SSAIB is a company limited by guarantee, operating on a not-for-profit basis. It promotes high standards of service and is focused on serving the certification needs of organisations providing security and safety related services. Certification with SSAIB is a mark of excellence. Our approach is inclusive of small and larger providers alike and we have some 1,600 companies of all sizes on our register, which means that we represent the greatest number of security service providers in the sector. Third-party certification plays an increasingly important role in enabling firms to compete in the marketplace and access to some market sectors may be conditional on having third-party certification. Through participation at National and European level, SSAIB helps to shape standards – being informed and informing others of issues that might impact upon service providers and end users. We continue to review the range of schemes we offer, to ensure that they meet the needs of both the market place and registered firms. Our schemes both serve and rely upon good working relationships with a number of influential groups within the sectors in which we operate, not least the Police, Fire services, insurers and industrial and commercial clients. SSAIB’s schemes comply with all Police policies (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic) and insurers - often as a condition of their underwriting - place particular demands on security and fire safety system providers. In the event of an incident, insurers will need to be satisfied that all reasonable precautions have been taken to mitigate risk. The costs associated with losses in the aftermath of an incident are not just limited to the immediate losses - as such incidents often lead to longer term consequential losses to the business. Using a certificated provider should minimise the likelihood of such events and demonstrate that all reasonable steps have been taken.


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After being consistently let down by my current alarm guys, and struggling to get anyone else to help. These guys came out the same day, gave me a quote quickly and booked me in the next week. They did exactly what they said, were reliable and they offered great value.

I highly recommend these guys!


Philip Whitaker


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