More About Us

Reliable Fire and Security Systems

We are a small group of talented engineers who have spent our working lives in the Fire & Security industry providing services for large-scale and family-run companies. We offer a wide and dynamic range of services for homes and commercial properties in Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield and Bingley.

As engineers we are the 'face' of the company; we're the guys who are knocking on your door and we have realised your frustrations. Years on the front line has equipped us with a sound knowledge base of how we can provide excellent customer service and value for money.

That's why we decided to start Regal Fire & Security. Our aim is to provide products and services that provide total peace of mind, are cost-effective and most importantly, are backed by ongoing support from a highly skilled and professional team.

With a combined 50 years experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on being able to provide that personal touch; no call centre involved and no engineers with little to no experience pulling up outside your premises.

​We will be your point of contact day or night.

We will be the ones doing the installation, services, upgrades, repairs and phone support.

You will be interacting with the same faces, allowing us to build personal and trustworthy working relationships so above all, you feel safe in your home which we, at Regal Fire & Security, feel is the most important aspect of all.